REPORTAGE: Interaction Napoli 2022 by Cristina Morozzi

REPORTAGE by Cristina Morozzi 


The first edition of Interaction Napoli will take place from March to September 2022. The exhibition aims to promote craftsmanship and interaction between the artists and the spaces of the cloister of Santa Chiara.


Ph: Francesco Squeglia

Twenty-eight international artists will display their works at the historic cloister of Santa Chiara in Naples during the first edition of the biennial exhibition entitled Interaction Napoli (12 March–17 September 2022), promoted by foundation Made in Cloister and curated by Demetrio Paparoni. Among the international artists involved are big names like Maurizio Cattelan, Mimmo Paladino, Julian Schnabel and Joana Vasconcelos.

“The exhibition suggests the concept of action, combined with the concept of cooperation and the idea of doing and building together”, says Demetrio Paparoni. At the heart of the two-year project is the promotion of craftsmanship through collaboration between local master craftsmen and international artists, urban regeneration, and the social impact of a cultural project. The event’s long-term objective is the revival of local craftsmanship through interaction between local masters and international designers.


Private foundation Made in Cloister was founded in 2012 and is recognised as part of Federculture and registered with the Campania Region. It is the first to have entered into an agreement with the City of Naples regarding cultural activities.

With this exhibition, the ancient cloister of Santa Chiara is once again abuzz with color and energy.

Cristina Morozzi