Marco Arosio Interview by Cristina Morozzi

Midarte, in the heart of Brianza, is a company where four generations have been handcrafting furnishings and accessories in precious natural essences. Marco, one of the Arosio brothers, tells the story of this excellence. "Our father, an art lover and a sculptor, gave the imprint while we tried to introduce the freshness of youth and innovation, maintaining and enhancing craftsmanship".

C.M : How would you define your style?

M.A: Impromptu, to say that it is beautiful now and it will stay the same even in 50 years, the wall clocks and the Cobra library are a tangible testimony to this. Our products are not "fashionable" and do not go out of fashion. Dad is still the deus ex machina behind the handmade wooden wall clocks, sculptures, and practical objects. When dad ideated them, it was art applied ahead of time. At first, the wall clocks were just style exercises by an artist, absolutely not conceived in a commercial key. In his atelier, he exhibited various wall clocks, many of which still unfinished or just sketched. Still, he received many requests. We have collected these artistic creations and turned them into products intended for an audience of admirers.

C.M : What is the origin of the name of the wall clock collection?

M.A : Samada was chosen about twenty years ago to celebrate his sons Sarah, Marco and Davide.

C.M : What about the materials?

M.A: Regarding the inlays' nature, our father has always loved and used natural woods such as Walnut Briar, Vavona Elm, Rosewood, Bubinga and Zebrano, various qualities of Maple Nut, Beech and Wengé. We have introduced more tech essences of tinged, bleached or reconstructed woods for the most modern models.

C.M : Can you tell us more about the methods of implementation?

M.A: There are many: the fusion of ancient techniques, such as inlay, interpreted by us in a modern key and through more geometric shapes, carving, gilding or silvering with gold leaf, laid by hand, combined with some processes carried out by super technological machines.

C.M : How do you promote this special collection?

M.A: We are present on the Internet only on selected and specialized platforms such as Design Italy, dedicated to high-quality productions made in Italy. That's how we tell our story and its origins: strong know-how, high quality and the beauty of Brianza, a vital production district of the Italian model.