Triennale Milano presents "Memphis Again"

by Cristina Morozzi 
"Memphis Again" opened on 18 March at Triennale di Milano


Triennale Milano presents "Memphis Again", an exhibition that presents more than 200 pieces of furniture and objects. Discover more on Design Italy.


Memphis Milano was acquired by Gufram – a company founded in Cirié, located near Turin, by the Gugliermetti brothers and known for its artist multiples and original production inspired by nature – and is now part of Italian Radical Design, owned by Sandra and Charlie Vezza. Memphis is returning to the design stage with its subversive charge and vibrant colors at the Memphis Again exhibit at the Triennale di Milano, curated by Christoph Radl who worked with Ettore Sottsass, founder of the Memphis group in February 1981.

"Memphis Again" exhibition at Triennale Milano




Avant-garde and outside contemporary design culture, Memphis caused a stir at the time. Beloved and criticized, it radically changed our way of living, introducing psychedelic colors and decorated laminates. Now on display after several years, it keeps its subversive charge intact. In the prudent post-pandemic season of Italian design, it proves to be a kind of ode to joy and an invitation to take risks with colors and decor.

Memphis Again’s opening on 18 March of this year, as well as the return of the Milan Furniture Fair after a two-year hiatus, can be read as a harbinger of a new season of creative adventures.