Nomad Art Fair 2022: the 10th Edition in Capri

by Cristina Morozzi
Nomad art and design fair will be held in Capri in 2022


Nomad, the itinerant art fair born in 2016 dedicated to art and design collectors, reaches its tenth edition, in Capri. Read the article.


Art and design cruise fair Nomad first started out in 2016, and important international art galleries have attended the event. The Italian galleries that are normally in attendance include Milanese galleries Luisa delle Piane, Rossella Colombari, and Monica de Cardenas, as well as Piacenza gallery Volumina. London gallery David Gill has also always attended.

Many important individuals attended the 10th edition from July 6 to 10, including Rossana Orlandi, who was recently awarded the Compasso d'Oro and who is presenting the Coralia collection by duo Draga & Aurel.

The venue chosen by the curator of this 10th edition, Nicolas Bellavance-Lecompte, is the 16th-century Certosa di San Giacomo with its cloisters and gardens.

As Bellavance-Lecompte says, this year’s goal “is to make art and design communicate not only with each other, but also with places, establishing symbolic connections between works on display and the venues of the event”.

The Mediterranean is the birthplace of classical art, and this year the island of Procida was named Capital of Culture 2022. As Capri hosted this year’s Nomad event, it is rediscovering its historical role and has the opportunity to show off its bright, unparalleled colors.