TRENDS: Artigianato a Palazzo by Cristina Morozzi

Artistic ceramics protagonist of Artigianato a Palazzo

'Artigianato a Palazzo' is an annual Florentine event aiming to promote Italian craftsmanship, founded by the recently deceased Princess Giorgiana Corsini. The Italian garden of Palazzo Corsini's greenhouses, intended for sheltering lemon trees during the winter season, now holds artefacts from carefully selected excellent Italian artisans. 

Neri Torrigiani has supported Princess Giorgiana in organizing the event since the beginning and now continues his commitment to promoting Italian artistic craftsmanship alongside Giorgiana's daughter Sabrina. The event, which suffered a setback in 2020, returns from the 29th of May to the 6th of June 2021.

Both artistic and tableware ceramics will be the great protagonist with the special exhibition 'Grand Tour', dedicated to the deepening of ceramic art and curated by Jean Blanchaert, Viola Emaldi, and Anty Pansera. With their different stylistic and formal principles of artistic craftsmanship, forty-six Italian towns present 170 unique handmade works.

The garden will be the extraordinary setting on an imaginary trip in Italy and its various regions through ceramic artefacts, brought together for the first time in a remarkable representation.