REPORTAGE: Les Citoyens

The exhibition "Les Citoyens" has been inaugurated on May 6th at Milan Triennale and will be open till September 12th, a collective of 28 artists from 17 countries, curated by the Argentine painter Guillermo Kuitca, produced by Fondation Cartier, the result of an eight-year twinning between the Triennale and Fondation Cartier in Paris. The exhibition presents paintings, videos, sculptures, and environments of established international authors, such as Thomas Demand, Tony Oursler, David Lynch, and Agnes Varda. 

The exhibition addresses the belonging issue, living and sharing space, of extreme relevance in this historical period. Thanks to the collaboration with the Fondation Cartier, which prides itself on a heritage of 2000 works by over 500 international artists. Since 1984 outlines new horizons of art, the Milan Triennale broadens its gaze on a vast artistic panorama, open to confrontations with distant cultures. "The exhibition", declares the curator, "is a polyphony of elements and voices and has to do with the broader sense of community, through a great variety of contemporary creations, largely never exhibited in Italy''. "Les Citoyens'' is an exhibition in which Kuitca signs not only the selection of the works but also their insertion into space, in harmony, with the architecture of the Triennale building and with its pictorial universe. "Being in Milan'', says Kuitca, "a city that has a very close relationship with design, was for me a source of inspiration and a sort of challenge. I like to think that 'Les Citoyens' is as much an act of design as it is of love".

From the rich exhibition itinerary, an idea of ​​belonging emerges that stimulates the idea of ​​being citizens of the world.

The human figure, a sort of cosmogony, is often represented in its relationship with others and the planet.