Let's find out together what are the outdoor trends of this year looking at the windows of Milan: from Brera to via Durini, the furniture objects are combined with plants and we rediscover the importance of being outdoors.

The Great Outdoors 

You can learn a lot about this year’s outdoor furniture trends by checking out the store display windows of major designer brands in Milan. They are full of installations with sofas and armchairs arranged with plants and floral compositions, and we see the use of green both as an accent color and in natural greenery. Especially over the past two years, many of us have rediscovered the value of time spent outdoors, leading to a greater focus on beautifying our terraces, gardens, decks and yards. 

Outdoor furnishing trends in Milan: from Via Durini to the Brera area

Located in the heart of Milan, Via Durini is a reflection of what is trending in the world of Italian design. Cassina dedicated two windows to outdoor furniture, with big leafy decals drawing attention to the unique pieces the brand offers. The display is part of the collection ‘The Cassina Perspective Goes Outdoor’, designed by Philippe Starck, Rodolfo Dordoni and Patricia Urquiola. The combination of white and green stands out, and upon examining the sofas and Patricia Urquiola’s Trampoline chaise longue, their wood and rope elements offer a practical, contemporary look, while the floral prints on the cushions match perfectly with the fabrics chosen for the armchairs.

Across the street, Gervasoni’s outdoor furniture set ‘Panda’ – designed by Paola Navone – is on display and is reminiscent of the brand’s early beginnings as a small workshop specialized in wicker products. Soft colors ranging from pink to acid green blend with compositions of paper flowers, all against a backdrop of wood and Carrara marble.

Moving to the Brera area of the city, we see that this year’s outdoor furnishing trends are all about wood and modular elements. Woven lanterns and ceramic vases round out the display windows of Unopiù’s, an historic Italian company whose distinctive feature is its use of wood. Close by we also find Talenti, which juxtaposes streamlined sofas and armchairs in subdued colors with nautical rope lanterns.

Nature as an accessory 

Another common denominator in this year’s outdoor furniture trends is to showcase flowers and plants along with deck and garden sets. Tropical plants like palm and banana trees become furnishing accessories along with succulents and seasonal flowers, creating a sense of harmony and tranquility. 

Chiara Colmegna