Sustainable Gifts by Cristina Morozzi

If we want to save the planet, sustainability is no longer an ethical choice, but an imperative. Laws are needed, new behaviours in production and consumption, starting with the choice of materials and finishes. It is essential: to favour transformable materials that bear a second life; to prefer quality and durability, to be disposable; to opt for an aesthetic not linked to passing fashions, able to become a standard and learn to take care, as in the most frugal, clothes and everyday objects. We must be careful in making choices, investigating the traceability of products.


Gift time!

Christmas is approaching, and it will be, even without choral parties, time for gifts. This year the trend is clear and unambiguous. Gifts, of any kind and price, must be sustainable and in harmony with nature. No excesses, no waste, but quality and beauty. The result of conscious projects, made with recyclable or recycled materials, from local craftsmanship and regional manufacturing skills.


Urban planners and architects invite you to rediscover the villages, and Design Italy offers on its portal proposals for original and valuable gifts, coming from the Italian production districts, created by designers and artists who have rediscovered handcrafting to achieve uniqueness. We recommend La Bolsina, a brand of bags and accessories for the home, whose name is a tribute to Spain. Each bag is unique and unrepeatable. Margherita Vaghi, with a past in advertising agencies, created the brand in 2010. At the origin of the project, there is the idea of ​​recovering precious fabrics, intended for the furnishings of luxury hotels, to make luxury bags, easy to carry, handcrafted in Italy. Thanks to Margherita's uninhibited creativity, an original collection of fashion accessories is born from the leftovers of furnishing fabric, able to combine elegance, craftsmanship, uniqueness and sustainability. A series of decorative pillows also come to life from furnishing fabric: from plain colours to the series with elephant designs, tone-on-tone, to psychedelic patterns in black and white, polychrome geometric ones and scrap designs that seem like hand brush strokes.


The series of feminine ornaments designed by Giulia Boccafogli and made with leather scraps also belongs to the category of sustainable projects. The creations in black leather, freely inspired by punk culture, are enriched with a line of earrings, similar to flower corollas, in various colours, also in recycled leather and enriched with pendants of thin chains.