Smart Working <br>by Cristina Morozzi

Smart Working
by Cristina Morozzi

Smart working is today’s keyword. Therefore, we need to make our home more versatile and adaptable to a working environment. Screens like Cartoons are now back in vogue, designed by Luigi Baroli and produced by Baleri Italia with pure cellulose, and 100% recyclable waved paper. Like the fitted partition screens by Deja-VU, produced by Giacopini Design. Also essential are multi-functioning furnishings like wheeled drawer units like the renovated barrels by Barrel 12, designed by Francesca Cutini, that function as mobile libraries, bars and storage spaces. We also need to take into consideration acoustic insulation systems to deaden the noise from webinars and large tables that allow us to work from home comfortably. According to the designer Philipe Starck, we can comfortably do it while sitting on a sofa, as long it has long armrests that can hold our laptop. Design Italy proposes the Aleaf sofa, which backrest folds into a workspace perfect for reading a book or working with your computer.

Lighting also needs to be taken into consideration. Chandeliers are scenographic, but their light cannot be directed. Floor lamps would be the best choice as they are easier to move around the house and with us when we work.
Design Italy offers a wide range of table and floor lamps that are perfect for shedding light on your working spaces. For example the table and floor lamps UNO, Daniele Paoletti’s table lamp. For those who want to give more artistic input to their smart working, Sun-RA is also available in the catalogue: a lamp designed by the famous light artist Nanda Vigo.

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