Choosing the Perfect Sofa: the guide

The MAG 10/22

GUIDE by Chiara Colmegna

GEORGE Talenti-choosing the perfect sofa guide

Guide to choosing the right designer sofa

A sofa is that one piece of furniture that makes a home a home, and when designing a living room, it’s often one of the first things that we think about and plan out.

Your couch is a piece which has to be cozy, comfortable, and be just the right look for your space, whether it’s an office, a family room or a living room. And with a myriad of styles and colors to choose from, there are several factors to consider when shopping for a sofa to make sure you find just the right one.

Sofa size and shape

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The first step is to decide on the size of your sofa based on the space you have available. Standard sofa sizes range from 150-180 cm in width with a depth of 90-100 cm, while the seating height is around 40 cm, for an overall height of 80-90 cm including the backrest.


If you want a more traditional linear sofa, you can choose from a two- or three-seater sofa, or a larger four- to six-seater if you have a wider room. A larger sofa can be combined with a second sofa in front, creating a space that welcomes conversation and interaction with friends and family.

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If you have a large living room to take advantage of, you can opt for an L-shaped sofa, a curved sofa, or a sofa with a chaise lounge which can be placed against the wall or in the center of an open-plan living room. For those seeking the ultimate relaxation and comfort, a footrest or ottoman combined with a reclining headrest is the perfect choice.

These days, the sky’s the limit thanks to modular sofas that can be completely customized, like Talenti’s outdoor sofa GEORGE, or sofas with movable seats like BORDONE by MyHome Collection, which features two end ottomans resting on a swivel base.

BORDONE Sectional Sofa MyHome Collection

Another important detail to keep in mind is what kind of base or feet you want for your sofa. You can opt for a wide range of types and materials, or choose a sofa with no or low legs for a more dramatic look.


Sofa materials and upholstery

Depending on the function your sofa will have and what kind of wear and tear it will undergo, there are various types of upholstery and materials to choose from. If your family includes children or animals, removable and washable upholstery is ideal, whereas leather is a perfect choice for the office.

Sofa style

Another important decision to make when choosing a sofa is the type of style you want to embody in your living room, and how your couch will fit in with other pieces of furniture in your space.

CHESTER 934 sofa Poltrona Frau

Among the more popular sofa styles are classic looks like the Chesterfield sofa or sofas with tufting, which feature soft lines and are often found in leather or leatherette. An example of this luxurious and timeless look is Poltrona Frau’s CHESTER 934 sofa.

Another option for a more minimal style in contemporary spaces is to go with a sofa that uses a lot of wood or metal in its structure, or a tuxedo sofa, featuring a box-like shape with armrests and backrest in the same height, like MissoniHome Collection's INNTIL sofa.

inntil sofa missoni home collection

Another simple, elegant and comfortable couch is the Lawson sofa, which is perfect for any type of furniture style and space, from more traditional to contemporary rooms. It features a back which is higher than the armrests and a skirt that hides its feet.

Explore Design Italy’s wide selection of designer sofas and find just the right style for your space!