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MyHome Collection is an Italian design luxury brand specialized in contemporary home furnishing and accessories: from padded armchairs and sofas, to containers and bookshelves, from side tables to ottomans.

Thanks to the collaboration with internationally renowned designers, such as Angeletti Ruzza, Elena Salmistraro, and Bruno Rainaldi, MyHome offers exclusive one-of-a-kind furniture pieces that are perfect for modern and contemporary spaces.

Handmade, attention to detail, and quality are what characterize MyHome’s 100% certified Made in Italy products: unique designer furnishing pieces that adapt to any home environment, featuring luxurious finishes with an elegant touch.

This Tuscany-based furniture company employs exclusively high-end Italian raw materials and fine components to bring you only the best of Italian artisanship, allowing customers to fully personalize each product according to their needs and preferences.

Purchasing pieces from MY HOME collection means buying a piece of Italian history, crafted by many people who are simply passionate about what they do.

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