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Handcrafted Italian ceramic designs

Ceramics manufacturer Bitossi has been creating ceramic designs since it was founded in 1871 in Montelupo Fiorentino, near Florence.

Tuscan ceramics are famous all around the world, and this ancient tradition has fueled the growth of the company, which founded the Maioliche Artistiche Guido Bitossi factory in 1921.

Today, Bitossi is a champion of Italian excellence around the world: so much so that in 2014, the company was registered in the Italian registry of historic Italian companies.

A blend of research, design and tradition

Over the years, Bitossi has worked to create collections with some of the world's most famous artists and designers.

These include sculptor Aldo Londi, who became artistic director of the company

in the 1950s, and architect and industrial designer Ettore Sottsass, who designed many of the collections the company still produces.

Other important collaborations include those with interior architecture studio Dimorestudio, designer Karim Rashid, and illustrator Pierre Marie Agin.

Today, Bitossi invests in research and development while continuing to offer traditional iconic ceramic designs, producing pieces which are each expertly handcrafted and unique.

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