Payments and security


You can shop on DESIGNITALY.COM with the utmost safety by choosing the payment method you prefer.


We accept all major international Credit Card, Debit Cards and  Digital Wallet, Local payments method, Digital Wallets, via paybylink (via mail from our customercare and concierge services, or by telephone).

Bank transfer is also available for orders over €1,000.

Our prices are listed in EUR or USD but you can switch to your local currency at check out. 

We accept the following Credit and Debit Cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Maestro.


Our cutting-edge security program adopts the SSL protection system to prevent card data from being intercepted or manipulated.

The amount due for order will be deposited on the card as a confidential payment request until the order is sent. Only then the sum will it be charged, or canceled which is when the amount due will be released




Payment by Visa or Mastercard

The system checks whether the card uses 3-D-secure Verified by Visa or Mastercard SecureCode security programs. These are security procedures developed exclusively for this type of credit card to verify that they are actually the legitimate credit card holder and the legitimate online seller to carry out the transaction. If a credit card holder is enrolled in the 3-D-secure security program, after entering the order data, another query window will open connected to the customer's bank which will ask to enter the "secure code". ”(A password chosen by you). Only by entering the correct password will the transaction be performed.

If the credit card is not registered for any of these security procedures, the payment will be made without a new authentication. You can find more information about credit card security procedures on:

Verified by Visa or Mastercard SecureCode




DESIGNITALY.COM accepts Maestro as a payment method. More details on:




American Express

DESIGNITALY.COM accepts American Express. The system checks whether the delivery address provided with the order is identical to the billing address registered by American Express (AVS: Amex Address Verification System). If the address does not match, the customer will be notified by e-mail and invited to provide American Express with the address chosen for delivery. The delivery of the order takes place only after authentication has taken place.







DESIGNITALY.COM accepts Apple Pay. All customers who have an Apple Pay account and have added a payment method will then be able to complete their order in this way. More details on:

DESIGNITALY.COM accepts Google Pay. All customers who have a Google Account and have added a payment method will then be able to complete their order in this way. More details on:

DESIGNITALY.COM accepts Paypal. In the purchase process select PayPal among the payment methods to be automatically transferred to the PayPal website. If you are already a PayPal customer, simply log in with your username and password and confirm the payment. If you don't have a PayPal account, you can quickly open one and confirm the payment.

DESIGNITALY.COM reserves the right to ship only to the address indicated in your Paypal account.

DESIGNITALY.COM accepts Amazon Pay. All customers who have an Amazon Pay account and have added a payment method will then be able to complete their order in this way. More details on



DESIGNITALY.COM accepts Bancontact - Belgium. It is a standard payment option available for all Belgian customers who open a bank account in a Belgian bank. Leader of online payments in Belgium, Bancontact allows its customers to easily make payments using a QR code and the payment can be easily processed on smartphone or tablet via the Bancontact app.

DESIGNITALY.COM accepts iDEAL - Netherlands. As the most popular payment method in the Netherlands, iDEAL is an interbank system covered by all major Dutch consumer banks.



 Bank transfer

DESIGNITALY.COM also accepts bank transfer for orders over €1000. By choosing payment by bank transfer, after completing the order the customer automatically receives a confirmation email containing the bank details of Design Italy S.r.l. The customer is required to send a copy of the payment  e-mail to within 48 hours of receiving the order confirmation. If within this period Design Italy S.r.l. will not receive a copy of the payment, will cancel the order. We will ship the order when the transfer reaches our bank account and as soon as the goods are ready for shipment. This payment method is not active for all destinations, we invite you to check availability in the cart at the time of purchase.



Payment for offline orders MOTO (mail order telephone order)

Offline order payments (products on request or of which at the time of purchase we have not yet received the quotation of the shipment ) can be processed through a paybylink or by telephone, and are handled by our Customer Care and Concierge services.

In this case payment network may be different from ordinary check out.

If the customer requests a paybylink, the payment request for the order will be sent by email and can be paid through all major Credit or Debit Cards, Bancontact,, Giro Pay, iDeal, and also Sofort.

If the customer requests payment by phone, he/she will contact our customer service for  order processing and acceptance. Orders by phone can only be paid through credit card.









Your safety is of the utmost importance  to us, which is why we guarantee the protection of your data and secure transactions, protected from fraud and unauthorized access.


  • Our site is equipped with an Https certificate, the protocol for secure data transfer that guarantees the protection of information and the security of customers and partners.

  • DESIGNITALY.COM avails itself of the best global online payment providers, which guarantee maximum security in the management of payments.

  • Payment method data is processed via a secure server-to-server connection using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). This internationally recognized standard protocol protects your sensitive data such as your password and credit card. In any case, Design Italy does not store any data relating to payment methods.

  • All data used to complete orders is encrypted

  • All personal data are processed by DESIGNITALY.COM following the relevant legal provisions, in particular those on the protection of personal data. Please read our Privacy Policy.

For further information please contact our Customer Care at: