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Wall and Table Clocks

Luxury clocks by Italian designers

Design Italy’s selection of wall clocks and table clocks aren’t just for telling time: each piece will add character to your home or office.

As a perfect furnishing accessory, designer Italian clocks can be used to reflect the style of your house or home office and to add a touch of style. Table and accent clocks also add a finishing touch on an accent table or nightstand. We’ve chosen from among the best and most unique Italian wall and table clocks out there to bring you a wide selection. The difference is in the details: if it’s made in Italy, it’s better!

The perfect clock for any space

With our selection of Italian decorative clocks, time becomes even more of the essence. Whether you choose a large wall clock or a modern table clock, each piece will add character to your rooms, creating style with minimalist forms or vivid colors, and in a variety of materials from wood to resin. Each clock’s shapes and lines will adapt to the wall or table they adorn, from the most classic of styles to more contemporary and modern designs.

Practical and decorative, wall and table clocks effortlessly blend with their environments in living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms. And you’ll always be on time!

Clock designers and materials

Our collection of wall and table clocks are all made in Italy and include pieces like hand-carved clocks by Arosio Milano, as well as distinctive clocks like fuchsia and green resin clock ROUND THE CLOCK, designed by Gaetano Pesce in 1995 for the Fish Design collection. Our collection also features pieces like maple wood table clock OSIO, designed by Giulio Iacchetti, and colorful wall clock CLOOK, designed by MM Company and featuring a small shelf. Shop our entire collection of wall and table clocks!

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