EDITORIAL: Italian Painting Today, the exhibition curated by Damiano Gulli

The MAG - 08.23

By Cristina Morozzi

Editorial: Italian Painting Today

The Triennale di Milano presents the exhibition curated by Damiano Gulli, "Italian Painting Today," a repertoire of selected and exhibited contemporary Italian art that does not follow the classical museum canons but aims to reconstruct contexts that emphasise its values and uniqueness. The internet has brought the world to the screen of our computers.

Accustomed to looking far away, we must pay more attention to our artistic heritage. Contemporary painting, in particular, has been a captive of dated art criticism. The exhibition, curated by Damiano Gulli, offers a contemporary perspective, free from traditional disciplinary classifications, and gives us insight into the artists' personalities.

Perhaps it is not coincidental that this exhibition coincides with the reissue of the book "Il mistero delle cose Nove ritratti di artisti" by Massimo Recalcati (Feltrinelli, Milan, 2016), a psychoanalyst shedding light on the personalities of creators who, through their art, have sought to investigate the mystery of things.