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A selection of the finest made-in-Italy desk and table lamps

Great lighting in your home or office isn’t just about brightening your space. It's also about creating a warm ambience and expressing your personal style

At Design Italy, we know that the right table lamp and accent lighting depends on the rest of the decor, furnishings and accent pieces you’ve chosen. That’s why we offer a huge selection of over 200 table, desk and accent lamps in various styles, shapes, colors and created by top Italian lamp manufacturers.

Each lamp is exquisitely designed down to the smallest of details and is a triumph of quality and design.

Modern and contemporary Italian table and desk lamps

Certain lamps have made the history of lighting. Like playful egg-shaped Uovo by  FontanaArte, Gae Aulenti’s iconic Pipistrello, and Martinelli Luce’s timeless Cobra. Along with these classic and contemporary lamps, you’ll also find a vast array of accent lighting for any space. Browse desk lamps for studying, bedside reading lamps for those last few pages before turning in for the night, or wireless or adjustable table lamps that are perfect for your home office.

Illuminate your space with style

Create a warm, inviting, harmonious space by matching the style of your decor to the perfect table and desk lamps. Our wide range of beautiful lamps in all styles were designed to brighten home and office while also embellishing them with unique forms and effects.

Like Bumblebee by Brillamenti, whose shape gives it a special chiaroscuro effect, Cyborg by Karim Rashid with its sculptural effect, and Lasospesa by FontanaArte which seems suspended in air.

Get inspired by these and other Italian table lamp designs!

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