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Furnish your kitchen and dining room with designer seating made in Italy

The perfect kitchen or dining chair is both stylish and comfortable.

That’s why at Design Italy we’ve put together a selection of contemporary Italian dining chairs and luxury designer seating with a modern flair but that offer an extremely comfortable place to sit and enjoy time with friends and family.

We embrace the values of Italian craftsmanship that make our collection of Italian dining chairs the ideal choice for furnishing your dining room and kitchen dining area , making your dining or kitchen table a space full of color, style and comfort, all made in Italy.

Our selection of designer seating

The chair is an iconic piece of furniture that has been reinterpreted and redesigned countless times over history.

Our selection of luxury Italian designer chairs embodies, thanks to their talented designers, the ultimate in comfort and style, which are fundamental characteristics of a top-quality modern chair. Designer kitchen and dining chairs are a welcoming, cozy part of the design of a home, and are a piece of furniture that will be used each day and must blend with the overall decor of a home and a kitchen or dining table.

That’s why our collection of designer chairs offers a vast choice in terms of styles of backrests, legs, and seat type, and always with that touch of elegance typical of Italian design.

Kitchen and dining chair materials

Each of the Italian designers we feature has selected different materials and methods to create chairs that blend functionality and elegance.

Steel, wood, resin, iron and velvet are some of the materials most used in creating classic and modern kitchen and dining chairs that explore innovative forms that keep in mind even the most classic of tastes, but always with that modern touch, making them unique and contemporary.

Just like the resin-covered chair designed by Paola Navone in 2019 for ONE-OFF, Studio 65’s colorful chairs that are reminiscent of Mirò paintings, and the beautiful conceptual designs by Enrico Girotti Amarone.

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