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Silvio Vigliaturo

Silvio Vigliaturo is an artist and master of glass.His inspiration begins with a drawing as a narrative process followed by painting, and lastly a sculpture as a natural destination due to the infinite possibilities of the drawing's three-dimensional translation.

The artist continuously researches and experiments. Steel, glass, and ceramic are the various materials through which he expresses his recognisable language.

Drawing is the source of my inspiration.

The rediscovery of glass in the early nineties pushed Vigliaturo to take on the role of master alchemist. He can transform matter and tame the life-giving force of fire, creating fluid, supple, smooth and transparent sculptures featuring a masterful use of colour.

Since his first exhibitions in 1977, Silvio Vigliaturo has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions at public and private institutions in Italy and abroad. Among the most important ones in 2001, he represented Made in Italy at Quality and lifestyle in Hong Kong, China. In 2006, he was the artistic testimonial of the XX Olympic Winter Games in Turin.

In 2013, he participated in the Contemporary Glass Sculpture exhibition at the Orlando Museum of Art (Florida), where the most important glass artists performed to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Studio Glass movement.

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