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Arosio Milano

Arosio Milano is a brand that was created by the founders of the historic company Midarte company and offers a unique collection originating from a selection of Midarte iconic pieces of furniture that are a blend of art and high craftsmanship and are internationally recognised and admired.

These refined works, created by artisans using noble materials, are rooted in local traditions that are not affected by the passage of time. They are meant to be handed down from generation to generation and will find themselves at home in both contemporary homes and workplaces.

"The Samada series of wall clocks is part of the special selection that was created over thirty years ago thanks to the inspiration of artist Gianni Arosio, an eclectic and creative fine musician and art lover."

Gianni Arosio began to collaborate as an apprentice for well-known local artisan shops and became passionate about woodworking. In the early 60s, he founded his own design furniture company, also working on the creation of furniture manuals, both for operators in the sector and the general public, organising personal and collective exhibitions that allowed him to gain a worldwide reputation. The Samada series is rooted in Gianni's belief in the need for the creation of wall decorations for home but that are alternative to paintings and have a functional and decorative value.

This is the story of how original artistic clocks and limited-edition collections were created. Arosio passed on to his children the passion for the project and for its evolution. Advanced technology, guaranteed by modern machinery, supports traditional manual expertise, generating a successful combination of art and innovation, enhanced by the use of contemporary colours and fine materials.

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