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Panizzi Murano

PANIZZI MURANO was founded in Murano in 1960 by Eugenio, with the original name of Panizzi Eugenio. From the outset, Eugenio placed great attention on the detail and quality of each of his products.

Today, this attentiveness, care and detail are the company's distinguishing characteristics. In 1985, Eugenio's sons, Franco and Mauro, joined as partners, becoming part of PANIZZI EUGENIO C.

We combine techniques of engraving, fusing and sandblasting in a perfect symbiosis of traditional taste and modern design.

The company innovated its production, setting itself apart from other producers of Murano glass objects. Thanks to these innovations, the company's products are unique and have rich, sophisticated lines and features that show an ever-increasing awareness of clients' requests and desires.

The company has won various awards, especially from 2012 to 2015 at the Premio Murano awards event that recognises excellence in Murano glass production. In addition, the company's products all bear the “Vetro Artistico di Murano” trademark, a significant recognition that is granted only the creations of producers who follow ancient Murano glass traditions.

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