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Pininfarina Segno

Pininfarina Segno is a new and recent chapter in the history of the Italian brand Pininfarina, founded in 1930. It stands as a laboratory for the development of excellence, dedicated to the world of luxury writing and accessories, through a combination of cutting-edge technologies and craftsmanship.

Combining form and functionality, this is the mastery of design that creates timeless masterpieces. This is what the Pininfarina Segno project is all about: pushing the limits to reach a new universe through research and selection of fine materials.

Pininfarina has always been synonymous with innovative research and the creation of timeless beauty: two factors behind the Pininfarina Segno project, which gives life to masterpieces of innovative design and perfect functionality, that are true Made-in-Italy icons. Meticulous research of fine materials and craftsmanship with attention to detail transform each product into a collector's piece.

The objects of the stationery collection signed by Pininfarina Segno represent true excellences of Italian design: most pens in fact feature a revolutionary writing technology, the distinctive feature of their styluses, called Ethergraf®. It’s an innovative metal alloy, created in collaboration with influential Italian researchers, that leaves a stroke as light and romantic as graphite and as timeless as ink, making writing accessories transcend the concept of pure function, turning them into perfect design accessories for those who always want to have a story to tell.

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