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Andrea Branciforti is an Italian architect and designer from Sicily. In 2004, he founded his brand “Improntabarre”, as well as his studio and design workshop where he collaborates with a network of artisans to produce high-quality ceramic pieces of design. Born into the profession, he learned his passion for this work from his father, guided by the idea that innovation can also be achieved through the use of non-modern materials fashioned using artisan tools and techniques.

The name of his brand, together with his logo, constitute the union of two concepts, serial production and craftsmanship. Each production phase of objects is thus marked by both a bar code - typical of an industrial product - and his fingerprint, proving that the work is handmade.

"Improntabarre is a place of ideas, dreams and utopias that are projected into reality, in which the simple but strong gesture of the performer is part of the process of making."

In his creations, he has always attempted to reconcile design and functionality by experimenting with new ways of expression. His work is mainly based on research. From time to time, he carries out studies on materials and techniques for the development of his projects, whose recurring theme is irony supported by functionality.

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