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Self-taught sculptor, art master, careful and silent researcher, struck by the infinite possibilities of metal since his very youth, Alessandro Rametta feels the echo of distant memories and the simple reminder of a material that holds ancient secrets. An intuition that soon becomes a vocation, a personal enthusiasm for which he feels responsible.

"Not in the material domain but in the eternal alliance, I feel the most profound respect for being called to participate in the most intimate phase of creation."

From the beginning of his studies and research, he developed his own refined and original technique. He learned and experimented with different sculptural and pictorial techniques on metals that even today, after millennia, still represent the highest expressive materials to be explored, in his opinion. The reflective relationship with materials and the lengthy sculptural process allow Alessandro to dedicate himself to the production of unique pieces. He collaborates with art and design masters and creates sculptures for collectors in Italy and abroad.

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