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Cappellini is a company managed personally by Giulio Cappellini. Giulio's life is about meetings, projects, and fulfilling big dreams. The same applies to the company, which has built its identity starting from a solid idea of innovation that is capable of combining the avant-garde with creativity, internationalisation and craftsmanship.

Giulio Cappellini's journey began in the 1980s as a journey to various countries to discover what was occurring in the design world and to broaden the boundaries of "made in Italy". A journey is undertaken with the tenacity of those who want to build the identity of a forward-looking project with experimentation as its watchword. Thus, a network of young international talents was created thanks to Giulio Cappellini's tireless curiosity. Talents who are often still unknown yet are gifted, as Giulio declares, "in having emotions".

We need to focus on young international talents capable of having emotions.

Cappellini is not just a contemporary furniture design company, but a workshop of ideas that welcome new cultural trends; discover international talents including Jasper Morrison, the Bouroullec brothers, Marc Newson; and create objects with a strong and refined identity focussed on innovation.

Cappellini is an industrial company and a reference point for contemporary design and culture. It is a workshop that experiments with new materials and new techniques. Its production stands out in contrast between the wisdom of doing and the technological avant-garde. The foundation of its collections is the practice of cultured craftsmanship that retains its humanistic vocation even when machines gradually take the place of traditional tools.

The brand's icons include the Big Shadow floor lamp by Marcel Wanders and the Pyramid chest of drawers with 17 drawers with a truncated cone structure in black methacrylate, created by famous Japanese designer Shiro Kuramata. These products confirm the company's vocation in collaborating with the protagonists of international design.

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