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D.i. Più Andretto Design

Maria Cristina Andretto's encounter with Murano glass was true love at first sight, and she pursued her passion for this incredible material by training in the 1980s in the capital of blown glass, Murano, Italy, starting her glassmaking business in 1985.

She went on to found D.I. Più s.r.l. - Andretto Design in 1999, exploring new techniques for processing Murano glass with the mission of creating one-of-a-kind handcrafted designs: a mission that still fuels the company's production to this day.

The company's collections range from tableware, lamps, jewelry, and mosaics and tiles for pools, flooring and walls both for residential purposes and hotels, with each exquisite and inimitable creation being made by hand exclusively in Italy.

"Glass can reveal the beauty of a person reflected in it, but if you turn glass into a work of art, it can reach the soul." – Maria Cristina Andretto

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