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Lapiegawd's Unique and Elegant Metal Furniture Collection

Enrico Girotti is an industrial designer from Verona who has a passion for observing and experimenting. In 2017, he established his personal brand, Lapiegawd, which represents his research on shapes and materials. His production includes chairs, stools, bookcases, and tables, where he uses metal as a flexible material to create fluid and elegant objects with continuous graphic lines. His brand represents a journey oriented towards continuous research and self-discovery.

The brand's goal is to finalize research that comes from a project, transforming the idea into a metallic line. Enrico and his team hand-bend, assemble and weld the metal with exceptional attention to detail. The finished product is then cleaned by hand, treated, and finished based on customer requests and end-use. His made-in-Italy approach is the result of a continuous exchange between him, his artisans, and the territory. 

Enrico is always personally involved in the creative process, from design to production, and enjoys getting his hands dirty to be the craftsman of his pieces. This interweaving is the foundation for the creation of high-quality, 100% made-in-Italy design.

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