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Brillamenti - Officina della Luce is the new brand of Hi Project S.r.l., a company that was founded in 2002 and specialises in lighting design.

Brillamenti embodies the concept of made-in-Italy products thanks to the industriousness of experts and artisans that interact, think, design and work just like in an old workshop: “officina della luce” means "workshop of light".

A key step in the creation of innovative lighting systems was the creation of the Ledera lamp, designed by Cini Boeri and that perfectly identifies the Brillamenti essence: the perfect blend of art and industrial design.

"The word “brillamenti” alludes to the characteristic solar phenomenon, to nature, to beauty, to open minds and to the desire of doing and creating things."

The brand expresses its own vision of light: a light not only end in itself but a light that makes you feel good, a light that communicates with shadows, creating atmospheres that generate feelings and emotions. Brillamenti is an eco-friendly brand, and all its products are energy-saving and made with recyclable materials. Each product can be tailored to customer requests.

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