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Colorful Contemporary Murano Glass

With its Italian soul and international inclination, Purho is a new player in the world of Italian design. Andrea Dotto, CEO of the company, founded the brand in 2012 with the goal of fostering the unlimited potential of blending Murano glass and contemporary design.

Purho creates products that stem from solid research based on the observation of current tastes and new creative languages seen through the lens of traditional Murano glassmaking.

The result is a range of thematic collections of sleek products featuring a clear-cut design and limited decorations. What stands out is the products’ curvy as well as markedly geometrical lines, featuring pure color as a main trait. The company’s lively palette available for personalization and bespoke products includes twenty-one colors and a selection of special nuances.

Along with Murano glass, the company uses refined fabrics, precious metals, and lacquered glass for a new generation of products in which glass objects and lighting are accompanied by a limited edition of refined tables and consoles featuring an unconventional design.

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