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A new quintessence of design that completely overhauls the concept of aesthetics in furniture. The result is the creation of furnishings with a minimalist yet explosive soul. Myin is the encapsulation of this evolution and goes beyond the basic concept of interior design by digging into the deeper and more unexpected sides of it. Myin is a combination of ‘my’ interiority and my ‘interior’ design. "Mind the inside" is an existential manifesto. It is essential to know how to look inside, both at things and at people.

Space is not a place, but an experience.

Myin was created thanks to a concept by designer Luciana Gomez, an eclectic Italian-Argentine woman who is capable of blending and combining different experiences and interests, from graphics to digital art, then specialised in the creation of highly innovative interior design solutions. Along with Davide Dattoli and Talent Garden, she created the famous TAG coworking spaces that in Italy and around the world led to a new way of conceiving physical space as applied to business. She is also the founder of Dwellness, a company that merged with Myin and specialises in the design of functional and cutting-edge corporate environments that are attentive to sustainability and respectful of diversity.

Myin recently collaborated with Hi-Interiors on the Design Tech project that, as part of the Mind - Milan Innovation District in the former Milan Expo area, will create the first innovation hub in the design sector. This collaboration has already resulted in the drafting of an original international white paper regarding the future of design in the wake of Covid-19.

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