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Stefania Rosichetti

Stefania Rosichetti has always loved art in all its expressions but only started her personal production in 2006, dedicating herself to painting alongside Umbrian artists and masters. Although she already had her own defined and recognisable artistic identity, she continued her experimentation, driven by endless curiosity.

In 2015 and 2016, she attended ceramic courses with Professor Ivan Olivieri and created sculptures by personalising the different techniques learned by linking them tightly to her paintings.

"My painting is very reflective. It requires concentration, and my sculptures are intuitive and physical. I love contact with matter and moulding it. I need to get my hands dirty."

Over the years, Stefania Rosichetti has experimented with various techniques and approaches to materials. Recently, sculpture became her primary interest in creating artwork from recycled iron with exciting results. Her works have been exhibited at collective and personal exhibitions, receiving must acclaim and a prestigious place in the panorama of both local and national artists.

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