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Marioni's skilled modellers and decorators have been working masterfully since 1966 in Calenzano, near Florence.

Thanks to over 50 years of experience and the tremendous professionalism of their artisans, they are able to accommodate and actively support the inventiveness and creativity of architects and artists in every field

and at every stage, from the analysis of specific aspects to the optimisation of production details.

Their furniture, lighting and upholstery lines are inspired by Italian history and culture and come to life in a setting of modernity and tradition, preserving their innate functional and aesthetic nature. Local character, selected materials and handcrafting are the values that define the company's unique, unmistakable style.

Marioni produces sophisticated products that skilfully combinetraditional Tuscan craftsmanship and guarantee a brand that is recognised internationally. Today, Marioni presents itself as a leading manufacturer of exclusive collections that collaborates on high-end projects.

Building on the company's history, Marioni treasures their artisan's knowledge and skills yet look to the future, combining experience and innovation. This is how it has always been at Marioni, and is clearly reflected in the affection of employees who stay with the company for life. Marioni produces design, but its people use their hands and consider themselves craftsmen.

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