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1955 is a historic Lucanian factory that produces handmade sunglasses and eyeglasses and whose identity epitomises an artistic, fully Italian spirit.

"1955 is our past, but also how we live the present and imagine our future."

The style and elegance of 1955's products are evocative of the 50s, a period that in Italy marked an unforgettable moment of rebirth. The entire process of 1955's handmade creations involves over 70 steps, eco-friendly choices, and the exclusive use of top-quality materials that are all strictly made in Italy.

The company has two brands: Occhialeria Artigiana (OA), its primary line, which features classic models and is thus free from the restraints of time and trends. PRIMUS is the brand's second line and is dedicated to children, ensuring safety, comfort and style from a young age.

"We do exactly what we say we'll do."

1955 glasses are customisable, and complete assistance is available at every phase of the production process. The company seeks to satisfy all customer requests as it works with accuracy, professionalism and dedication.

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