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In the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, there is an island where one of the most consolidated wood manufacturing businesses has its roots.

The island is that of Sardinia, a thousand-year-old land of know-how and dedication to production, where three generations of artisans from the company Sud Legno have passed down their art of carpentry from father to son in an ensuring relationship of passion and excellence, with a consolidated regional and national clientele (FortVillage, Hotel Giorico Carlos V), and an overseas business unit in the United States focussed on the real estate market.

OTQ was founded in this period - an innovative idea that blended a company's three decades of experience and the ambition of young designer Matteo Congiu, the most recent link in the generational chain of the great family behind Sud Legno.

Matteo grew up a part of the family-owned business and combined his high school education with a knowledge of the phases of wood production, going on to train as a designer at IED in Milan and focussing on the relationship between artisanal techniques and innovative technologies.

He spent three intense years studying, which resulted in a master's degree in digital fabrication in Milan, where he won one of the 12 scholarships granted by a collaboration between IED in Milan and Samsung Italia. Hence a new opportunity for growth opened for the young designer, represented by business meetings and highly innovative professional exchanges.

This turning point led to the creation - first from a theoretical point of view and then a real business plan - of the OTQ project that, after its first presentation at the Salone del Mobile 2015, became an entrepreneurial business idea based on cork and its applications in the design industry.

Presently, after an intense period devoted to the development of the brand and the scientific aspects of OTQ, the product has been introduced to the international market with its first appearance at the trade fair in Cologne.

This is a forward-looking challenge, which preserves the features of identity and the culture of innovation.

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