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Alessandro Mandruzzato

Alessandro Mandruzzato, born in 1970, is a Murano master glassmaker whose family has been in the glass processing business for four generations.

Since he was 15, he has been developing and modifying timeless and novel glass processing techniques to create unique yet traditional objects.

In 2000, he became the owner of the family business. His personal studies led him to discover new grinding and engraving techniques: precise artisanal craftsmanship, cold engraving of Murano glass, combined with the talent of world-famous architects, creating unique collaborations.

Each creation is autobiographical, expressing sentiments and bits of my personal life.

Alessandro Mandruzzato has exhibited his works in Galleries and Museums in Venice, Milan, Paris, Moscow, Dubai, and Beijing, and he collaborates with world-famous artists and designers.

In 2011, his sculpture "Diva" was displayed in the halls of the great Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg in Russia, and he was the first Italian of the new millennium to exhibit in the prestigious museum.

In 2012, he was granted the "Globo Tricolore" award as a representative of Italian excellence in the world, with the patronage of the Council of Ministers.

In 2012, Alessandro Mandruzzato registered his name as an international registered trademark.

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