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Alessandra Benetatos is a Milanese designer and artist with Italian and Greek origins and has always been attracted by the connections between natural elements.

Her experience that she acquired in her family's textile company led her to launch the brand "Adima - Made in Presence” in 2017. This initiative embodies her strong interest in spirituality and meditation, combined with her studies on water sound and memory that characterise her unique creations.

Wearing a garment from the Adima collection means bringing with it the spirit and subtle vibration of water, for a unique sensory experience.

Through her “Manti” large shawls and foulards she gives shape and substance to the information perceived by observing nature. The patterns of her garments are the faithful reproduction of a sudden, unique, irreplicable photographic shot.

In our conscientious work, we create garments, but also human relationships.

Her contemplative and attentive style requires the use of exclusively natural materials for her pieces, meaning that her artisans craft silk, cotton, linen, cashmere and wool without making changes to the original designs. This preserves the authenticity of each creation, which therefore is not only an accessory but also a true piece of art that can be worn each and every day.

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