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53 years old, Milanese from Parma, married with two children, he studied at the Francesco Naval School Morosini in Venice and at the University of Parma. In 1989, he joined Giovanardi S.p.A., a family business that gathers and creates point-of-sale materials including display areas, shop-in-shop, shop windows, and shop furnishings for big luxury brands.

Driven by a passion for design and aesthetics, in 2007 he decided to develop, in addition to his core business, a subdivision, and thus LETTERA G was founded as was a tribute to the legendary Lettera 22, the Olivetti typewriter, to emphasise the importance of humanistic culture in Italian design.

In 2007 he turned to Poli-Design, Milan Polytechnic, with which he selected young designers, many of whom then established well-established design studios, to put them in contact with the factory. The Letter G project, in fact, stems from the entrepreneurial desire of Massimo Giovanardi to enhance the know-how developed over almost 100 years of excellence in production, creating a collection of furnishing accessories with a unique appearance, redesigning and reinventing our everyday life.

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