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FAS Pendezza

FAS Pendezza’s story began in 1964 in Villa d’Ogna in the province of Bergamo when Alfonso Pendezza and his brother Davide founded the company. Their goal was to create table football, ping pong tables, and billiard tables for both children and adults to enjoy.

FAS quality standards blend with new technology and refined design and keep up with the times thanks to its collaborations with designers, including Alberto Basaglia and Natalia Rota Nodari.

The collection presented by Design Italy is signed by these architect and is characterised by a balance of timeless lines. Their first experience led them to win the Young Design in 1999 and from that moment their design intent has been revealed:recognise the potential of a company, share a vision with the entrepreneur and apply a distinctive method in terms of strategy and product for the vision to be fulfilled.

All of the company’s made-in-Italy creations are fashioned with top-quality raw materials supplied by Italian companies and are crafted by talented artisans from the Bergamo area. As a result, FAS products are bought and loved by clients all over the world who recognise their elegance and quality.

Our philosophy is that of creating durable, high-quality products.

The company also focuses on minimising the acoustic and environmental impact of its production process by using non-toxic materials, by recycling and separating waste.

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