Zag Design

Zag was born from the idea of ​​two Sicilian craftsmen, Luigi Ricerca and Fabio Cocimano. After a long experience and appreciated collaborations, both with architects and interior decorators, and the realization of various furnishing elements of multiple shapes and on different materials, they decided to create their own brand.


Craftsmanship in the 3D era


The work processes of all Zag models brand, created in collaboration with the best designers the market can offer, are the result of technological craftsmanship. With the aid of machinery and digital models also in 3D, elements are subsequently developed, completed and finished rigorously by hand, to offer a scale production without renouncing the handmade character of the product. In this way, the typical craftsmanship of Made in Italy meets and merges with the most modern technologies, to give life to creations that represent, at the same time, the synthesis of the past, present and future. Zag is a brand that wants to represent the beauty, harmony, originality, shape and colours of the world of design.