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Lanifico Leo is the oldest textile factory in Calabria. Its impressive fleet of historical machines, dating from 1890 to 1965, is still the beating heart of production, integrated by the very latest technologies. Since 1873, the life of the Lanificio Leo wool factory has been intertwined with the natural, cultural and human resources of the land around it: an irregular geography where you breathe in the simple beauty of country life and where hard work is where it all began.

A place of the heart that recounts the history of its people, a story of toil, poetry, imagination and sentiment, and the rituals of a knowledge that goes before us and which we recognise as a value for starting over, placing it at the core of our business vision.


Today, Lanificio Leo is an impressive example, not only of a successful factory-museum but of an international vocational brand whose distinguishing values, conveyed through fresh and striking visual communication, speak a contemporary language.

The company’s philosophy focuses on revitalising archetypal resources to manufacture products with a local identity which, integrated with contemporary design, create innovative collections that tell a story. Restoration and leveraging on the best possible use of technological heritage and traditional know-how were the reasons behind setting up the factory-museum, an active and dynamic research tool for conveying values, signs and techniques. The factory broadens its horizons, becoming a place of knowledge in which understanding becomes awareness, and physical space is turned into an incubator where ideas take shape.

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