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A designer from the Abruzzo region with a background in construction engineering, she has always preferred her profession's creative and planning aspect.

She made her debut in the design world almost by accident when she decided to furnish her apartment in Milan. She thus began designing her own furniture and creating bar stools for the kitchen with giant letters used as backrests. New decorative items came after this, including a table with letter-shaped legs.

Her line, "EvolWood", created thanks to the support of prestigious artisans with whom she collaborates and seeks solutions to give her drawings more shape and solidity.

"My furniture must meet three requirements: space, utility and durability."


The small rooms in her apartment inspired her to create solutions that could be transformed into different decoration items. Therefore, her creations - including colourful stools, tables, beds and cradles - can often be modified and reused for different stages of life.

Her favourite material is wood, which is more natural than plastic and warmer than glass, and that she uses in her creations by leaving its grain unaltered and clearly visible.

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