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Lombard designer with a great passion for furniture, in 2018 he established his own studio/shop in Como, where he unleashed the creativity that, over the years, led him to design innovative furniture and interior design prototypes.

In particular, table “Starlight Table M31” and armchair “La Poltrona”, as well as the “Giraffona” and “Giraffina” lamps have contributed to his winning important awards in the sector, placing him among the most interesting and avant-garde Italian designers.

"It all started with an idea of trying to look at objects from another point of view."

Given his experimentation in reinterpreting many classic design pieces from a modern perspective, his creations appear to be highly innovative with a clearly futuristic style and high visual impact. His made-in-Italy pieces, whether produced in small or medium quantities, can all be considered unique as they are all individually handmade.

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