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Suber, Cork's Second Life, was born by the encounter between design and sensitivity to the environment calling for the protection of the planet by using sustainable materials.

In 2019, architect and designer Jari Franceschetto gave shape to this eco-sustainable design project whose strength is recognizing the potential of cork. 

The Suber collection enhances this material as an aesthetic key, thus becoming the first line of design objects made in Italy with upcycled cork.

A material mainly used to protect wine and today's contemporary design objects. Cork combined with various materials gives life to objects with a unique style.

The collection figures well in any environment, including cellars and wine bars. It amazes not only for its sober beauty but also for its extraordinary variety: coffee tables, lamps, umbrella stands, buckets, and coat hangers.

Amorim Cork is a world leader in the production of corks with a strong focus on sustainability.

The utmost expression of this commitment is the completion of a virtuous circular economy circuit that satisfies all the sustainability parameters:

- intercepts the used corks to send them for recycling;

- sustains through donations to non-profit organizations that collect the used corks;

- generate new value, transforming the grain of the collected corks into furnishing accessories.

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