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Nicola Azzaro is a young designer from Parma, where his workshop is located. Before devoting himself to interior design, he started working at the family precision machining workshop.

In 2014, he founded his brand, Nicolazzaro Italian Design, to launch a complete line of dimmable and customisable, handcrafted and LED lamps that were entirely made in Italy. His creations, thanks to the particular use and development of the physical and optical properties of plexiglass, are the result of unique and patentable know-how. The use of aluminium, which dissipates the heat emitted by LED light, combined with innovative shapes and thicknesses of the plexiglass, makes his creations technologically and visually innovative and render his style highly recognisable.

“My lamps have a double soul, keeping company and decorating even when the lights are off. Guess which part of the lamps are empty and which is full?"

A designer but also a craftsman who, over the years, has committed himself to producing his works independently. Hhis creations include bracelets, fashion accessories (especially for women), and decorative items. The common thread in his work is always the empty/full optical illusion, the reference to a visual game that makes a difference. His style is therefore very philosophical, imaginative, quintessential. In essence, the inspiration comes from his background, inextricably linked to his interest in quantum physics and his passion for the Orient.

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