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After finishing high-school, Camilla joined the Mendrisio Academy of architecture where she began what would be her future career. She defines her creations and her job as a reflection of her true passions and interests.

While working as an architect in Switzerland Italy, she started creating and selling jewellery in Milan. Her studies in architecture taught her to follow jewels in all their phases: starting from an idea that is then studied, to drawings and sketches and drafts. In 2018, Camilla joined the Scuola Orafa Ambrosiana, following her need to become part of the world of gold and metals.

“I felt my creativity would be freer if I could shape the metal without limiting myself to the assembly of materials”

Every jewel perfectly tells the story of her love for this manufacturing process and the gentle and spontaneous nature behind her inspirations. Camilla is one of the most well-loved designers amongst youth.

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