A brand born from the innovative idea of ​​combining past and present. Fassamano are reading glasses to be worn around the neck like a jewel, ideal for reading a menu, a message or an escaping detail with an elegant gesture and no need to wear glasses or look for them frantically. A 100% Italian product, in which a touch of Venetian history and tradition is revived, characterized by its extreme refinement and elegance.


Our idea is dedicated to those who do not read well up close, but know how to look far.




The first face-a-main was made some centuries ago in an unknown Venetian artisan workshop, when a slight defect of
sight was considered a valuable and magnificent opportunity to show off a precious object. It is with the same spirit that
today this company proposes this concept, retracing a great tradition but adapting it to modern times to create an
essential accessory, designed in a contemporary key, with the highest quality materials and exclusively Made in Italy
Production is completely handmade: rims are made with Mazzucchelli 1891 acetate, CNC machine worked and hand
polished, while the metal part is nickel silver, laser cut with galvanic treatments and protective varnish.
Fassamano today represents a visionary accessory that embodies the concepts of elegance, functionality and design,
rewriting the history of glasses in a glamorous and contemporary perspective.