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A designer from the Brianza region, he entered the world of furnishings thanks to his passion and desire to discover and experiment. He launched his brand "Elli Design" in 2014. His company creates and produces small furnishing accessories, including mirrors and tables, all of which are exclusively made in Italy and blend high-quality craftsmanship with the use of traditional and innovative Italian materials.

"I am an artisan innovator."

His creations are an amalgam of tradition and innovation and mean the rebirth of local cultures and artisan productions, a rediscovery of the roots of Italian furniture design, and are the perfect union of traditional craftsmanship and technological innovation.

Inspired by the meticulous search for materials and a passion for continuous experimentation, he instils in his productions the essence and value of "made in Italy". Each piece represents a journey through high-quality Italian manufacturing, which begins in the historic design district of northern Italy and moves towards Emilian pottery and Tuscan marbles to finally reach Sicily with its prized lava stone.