Gianna Moise

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Gianna Moise

Gianna Moise is a multi-talented Milanese artist who is interested in all forms of art. She creates wonderful paintings, sculptures, installations and photographs, going from one type of art to the next with remarkable ease and stylistic lightness.

"I have a degree in chemistry because I wanted to understand the world better."

A chemical engineer, Gianna decided - thanks to her love for art - to set aside her studies of atoms and molecules to focus on the essences of the subjects she represents in her creations, placing them at the centre of powerful compositions.

Her source of inspiration is reality, both external and internal, represented by different codes and materials. By combining study and in-depth analysis, she manages to create new forms and balance in her works.
Matter turns out to be an element of fundamental importance within her works, which she creates using various materials including plastic, polymers and terracotta resins, copper and cardboard.

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