Valeria Eva Rossi

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Valeria Eva Rossi

Valeria Eva Rossi is an eclectic Tuscan architect with a peculiar attitude for architectural design and interior design and experimenting with new expression forms.

In 2012 she launched her brand: Pietraquadra Stone Jewels, in which the passion for design and marble finds her expression in new lines of jewellery exhibiting her works 100% Made in Italy in France, China and the United States.

Her travels are an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the original creations, which lead her to win the 'Best Communicator Award 2018' for the Stone Italia category at the Verona International Fair, with the exhibition of two unpublished jewels, in marble and steel.

Rigour and functionalism, but also freedom of expression, in a game of infinite combinations, never predictable.

Putting oneself to the test in unusual projects and experimenting with new manufacturing techniques is inherent in the designer's style.

With the company LLS 3D, for Christmas 2018, she designs a contemporary nativity scene made with the innovative technique of 3D printing. With the same company, the designer works on the original product and fashion design projects.

In 2020, a phase of experimentation and research began, which leads Valeria Eva to connect design skills to photography. The graphic project develops from photographs that portray real places' architectures, which simultaneously become dreamlike, through a distorted vision from the geometric design. Graphic-photographic works are born, called GEOMETRIE, a line of furnishing accessories: placemats and rugs with geometric graphics, in shades of black and white, in polyvinyl.