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A blend of tradition and innovation

SICIS was founded in Ravenna in 1987 and began modernizing the world of mosaics and mosaic art.

Thanks to its combination of tradition, technology and industrial innovation, Sicis has transformed the use of mosaics on all surfaces, producing high-quality glass tesserae in different sizes, formats and materials. Over the years, the company has blended artistic and artisan research, experimentation with new materials, and innovative coatings to create stunning products.

Over its 35-year history, Sicis has developed products that have revolutionized the market, including Iridium iridescent glass, glimmer transparent coloured glass, Biophilia antibacterial glass, photovoltaic glass and many others.

Luxury artistic mosaics

Sicis products have been used to decorate homes, bars, restaurants, luxury hotels, exclusive spas, swimming pools, shopping centres, superyachts and a host of other projects around the globe.

Over all these years, the company's passion for mosaics remains its defining element as it continues to revolutionize the industry.

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