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Bottega is a traditional Italian workshop founded in 1963 and is dedicated to creating artistic objects in silver and noble metal alloys.

With over fifty years of experience, the workshop deals with the most talented Italian workers in the silversmith sector to create innovative and sophisticated design objects. Its story is, therefore, that of its founders, Bernardo Zanetto and his son Enrico, who now directs the workshop with dedication towards increasingly international goals and dimensions.

Zanetto is the mirror of the individuals who created and experienced it ever day, who reinvent it and make it grow.

Zanetto’s philosophy is based on keeping a coherent artisan dimension. This manual processing is the only and absolute guarantee of achieving high quality and originality. Ancient techniques and secrets are preserved and renewed to create contemporary objects by pursuing the values ​​of simplicity and balance. From the wise union of the most traditional working techniques and original artisan experiments, high-quality and aesthetic works are created to embellish any context and to satisfy those who love to surround themselves with priceless and timeless values such as beauty and balance.

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